Pathogen Related Market Research Reports


We perform government or other authoritative reports giving information or proposals on any issues currently affecting global financial markets that are in turmoil as the corona virus COVID-19 spreads across the world. This pandemic is highly consequential and has far-reaching market implications, with significant downside risks. Business leaders are scrambling to discern how the corona virus and other future deadly pathogens that will impact the global economy and alter industry forecasts, However, these scenarios will play out differently across various regions and industries, making accurate and timely market research more essential than ever.

Our innovative research reports are recorded data compiled and prepared by qualified researchers or statisticians after analyzing information gathered by conducting organized research, typically in the form of surveys or qualitative methods. Note: Long term accepted methodologies for predicting future trends in finance and social behavior may also not continue as standard practices.

Corporations are facing business-critical concerns related to the corona virus outbreak, including:

  • • Supply chain disruptions,
  • • A growing risk of a recession,
  • • A potential drop in consumer spending.
  • • Preventing pandemics from ever happening again

Our Solution:

• Provide up-to-date market intelligence on COVID-19 to help business leaders assess the coronavirus economic impact, make effective contingency plans, and manage risk and uncertainty.

• Ensure compliance with drug development and production regulatory frameworks such as Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations is another main driver expected to boost the market.

• Propel the demand for biologics as the global virus filtration market size was estimated at USD 2.7 billion in 2018. Increasing prevalence of chronic diseases is one of the major factors contributing to the growth.

• Research & report on the immediate, near-term and long-term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic that have caused America and more than 180 nations to experience rapid, monumental transience in health care, macro and microeconomics, social behavior, climate change, market demands, educational methodologies and many other societal adjustments not even yet identified.

• To define the current situational awareness, current state-of-knowledge, and issues impacting a return to societal norms.

• Provide organized courses to consultants that may utilize this material to customize and implement the practices defined herein (providing a new career for professionals that may find themselves needing transitional training to become subject matter experts).

• Provide alternative solutions, case studies and to conduct research of specific companies.

• Prepare reports and documents in a generic format for wide dissemination, but also re-written for specific users to define lifesaving needs of individual companies, governments and education systems.

• Partner with hedge funds, venture capitalists and private equity bankers in order to facilitate funding to companies that will be on the forefront of services, technologies and products that are in high demand during and after the crisis.

• To target specific companies in need of capital that may provide exponential returns on investment, while concurrently provide standard operating procedures, systems and protocols for municipalities, government agencies, businesses and education entities to operate in the near term and future.


• Our certification program can verify enterprises as being most qualified for investment capital funding and fulfill demand for the identification, prevention and mitigation of pathogens as it applies to safety environments of medical facilities, businesses, governments and education systems in the United States and worldwide.

• Our universe operates on the basic premise that for every action there is an opposite and equal human reaction. In the case of this crisis health, the enormity of the action will be met by an unprecedented reaction. To that end, while the world economy is predicted to slow at levels not seen post World War II and the great depression, there will be opportunities to be discovered through our market research papers so that investors can find safe havens for an otherwise dismal marketplace.

Who Should Read Our Market Research Reports?

We primarily target this audience:

1. The investment community including Hedge Funds, Investment Bankers, Broker Dealers & Venture Capitalists

2. Businesses – all types and sizes with a focus on hospitality, retail, casinos, entertainment (movies, Disneyland) and other businesses most impacted by social distancing requirements

3. Federal, State and local Government agencies

4. First Responder organizations (Police, fire, hospitals, ambulance companies)

5. Transportation (planes, trains, buses, shipping, cruise lines, cargo) - mass transit system administrators

6. K-12 School systems and districts; University systems and educational authorities

7. Business professionals seeking new opportunities in a consulting environment to become subject matter experts in the pathogen mitigation arena

Areas Of Report Focus Include:

• Systems of standardization and conformity such as social distancing
• Define established and proposed standards, protocols and processes
• Identification, containment, reduction and elimination of viral spread
• Definition of Virus Free Zone designations and Ingress/Egress procedures
• Temperature detection and Testing – mass transition, group, individual
• Decontamination – schools, governments, offices, facilities, businesses, residential, aircraft, airports, cruise ships, social gathering locations and event venues
• Technologies – applications, mobile Apps
• Personal Hygiene procedures
• Mitigation (Chemical, air flow, humidity, heat)
• Prevention, information and dissemination
• Vaccines shots similar to early flu shots
• Plan for Periodic updates - i.e. newsletter/bulletin
• Employee education relative to diet, supplements, vaccine, sanitation
• Best restroom practices and maintenance measures for hand cleaning/drying, toiletry, odors, handwipes
• Collaboration of vendors for preventative emergency packages and services


Blue Moon Advisors, Inc  along with several esteemed companies are currently involved in the Identify, Research, Advise, Solve, and Report

American Safety Group, Fontana California

Disabled veteran owned and operated - combating the Covid-19 virus with level 1-3 decontamination & sanitation services; Leaders in construction, safety and environmental services. ASG provides critical services needed for the protection of our nation interest.

Virtual Data Room:

Doradus Laboratories, Denver Colorado

Doradus Labs is on the leading edge of mass transportation, ingress and egress detection technologies in concert with MIT and Lincoln Labs. Their technologies give the business owners and operators the ability to detect "persons-of-interest", and people with increased body temperature. This is done with a mix of computer vision and thermal heat detection technologies.

Virtual Data Room:

Good2Go, San Francisco, California

Established mobile application that is an existing business in San Francisco California that provides a high-tech access control software managed by personal smart phones.  The app may be applied to sourcing clean restrooms, access to buildings, parking lots, and may offer additional services as such as social distancing measures and other applications solutions.

Virtual Data Room:

SMD Sanitizer Solutions, San Diego, California

This hand sanitizer manufacturer and distributor is selling by the truckload to mass market big-box retailers and other distribution channels.

Total Resources International,  Walnut California

Total Resources International (TRI) has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of First Aid Kits and Emergency Preparedness Essentials in the nation selling to Costco, Walmart, Sam’s club, Target and other major big-box retailers.

References & Citations

We have had an overwhelming response from esteemed and reputable colleagues and professionals to contribute and co-author our research. 

Dr. Forest Tennant, MD, PhD (public health)

Leads his practice in West Covina, California, Editor-in-Chief of Practical Pain Management, and president of the Tennant Foundation, which provides support for educational, cultural, and historical programs in his community.  He was a professor at the University of California/Los Angeles  School of Public Health, a drug advisor of the National Football League, Los Angeles Dodgers, and NASCAR. In addition, Dr. Tennant served as a Major and medical officer in the United States Army.

Theodore Ken Mayeshiba, M.A.

Ted Mayeshiba has been coaching and advising since 1991. He is currently a Principal of Aditi Group, a nationwide consulting firm in HIPAA and HITEC compliance based in Santa Monica, CA. Theodore Mayeshiba is a Fellow of IIE. He received his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Kettering University (formerly General Motors Institute). He holds a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Southern California.

Drexel L. Smith

Drexel Smith brings a unique combination of skills and experience with over 40 years in the test and evaluation of aerospace, defense and energy systems and a long history of public service. Accomplishments include direction and oversight of business development, marketing/communications and government affairs for an $800M/year corporation; successful profit and loss management of a $70M/year business with over 600 employees; permitting and developing and decommissioning of major industrial facilities in California, Nevada and Virginia.

Carlos Emilio Morgner, CPA

Carlos E. Morgner has over 30 years’ experience managing technical service corporations focused on safety, transportation management, accounting, project controls, project administration, cost controls, transportation management, administration and controls, construction accounting, project management, energy projects, aviation, stadiums sports/entertainment, risk management and public relations.

Tony Drexel Smith, Project Manager

25 years’ experience consulting more than 1.500 enterprises through one constant:  Change.  Smith has advised more than 250 start-ups and 1,250 growth companies by identifying the key attributes of successful business models.  Armorgen will be implementing Smith’s proprietary Capital Readiness Report™ and CRR Score™ assessment systems to identify the feasibility of capitalization and predict potential for success of enterprises targeted for investment capital as defined within this document.

Charles Fite

President, CEO Association of Blue Moon Advisors, Inc.

Charles Fite has served the small business community for over 15 years.  Mr. Fite has served the small business community as a business broker, M&A advisor, sales manager, and entrepreneur in Nevada. During the past decade Mr. Fite has successfully started and managed a manufacturing facility from the ground up, acquired multiple business-related licenses and certificates, and earned a college degree. Fite has extensive experience in the construction industry and has negotiated multiple contracts with the nation’s largest homebuilders both as an entrepreneur and as a corporate executive. He graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a Bachelor of Science in Finance with multiple Dean’s Honors. He has also completed and obtained numerous professional licenses and certificates (QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Microsoft Excel Expert Certification, Institute of Business Appraisers, NV Real Estate License, NV Business Broker License, NV Real Estate Broker Salesperson License.

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