Crown Mutual Group Supports Canucks Autism Network

On Monday, December 14th

The team at Crown Mutual Group have been working tirelessly ever since the COVID outbreak to facilitate multiple opportunities. Our learning curve has been steep, and the challenges have seemed insurmountable but now, months later the reality that has unfolded has been nothing less than staggering.

When we started, we had an idea and the ambition to move forward, and fast forward to today it’s a great feeling to have come so far in such a short amount of time. A lot of what was a concept is now very much tangible and physically real. We now have our manufacturing machinery in full swing in Richmond and Nanaimo and our medical-grade masks have been rolling off the press for the past number of weeks.

With a whirlwind of activity around all of our efforts, it is important to take a step back and realize why we do what we do. That said, we jumped at the opportunity to make a donation to the Canuck Autism Network. Canucks Autism Network provides programs to individuals with autism and their families while promoting acceptance and inclusion through community engagement and training initiatives across BC and beyond.

My colleague Ray and I drove down to West 8th Avenue in Vancouver to meet Ryan Yao, the head of Strategic Partnerships for CAN. We were graciously met by his enthusiastic team who were grateful for our contribution. We were told the CAN group was planning several events leading up to Christmas where our masks would be distributed. Sounds good to us!

It was our pleasure to support such an integral and important institution at this critical time. Our organization is devoted to community development and committed to providing quality PPE to the North American population.

On behalf of the Crown Mutual Group and our colleagues at Case Construction group we humbly donated Paediatric face masks (both civilian and medical grade) to the Canucks Autism Network for them to distribute to its members. All products are supplied by Crown Mutual Group and our colleagues at Straz Gear Inc.

Our donation included the following:

• 1 Carton – CROWN MUTUAL MEDICAL LTD: Pediatric Level 2 Face Masks x 45 boxes of 50 UNITS: 2,250 Medical Grade Children’s Face Masks.
• 1 Carton – STRAZGEAR: Pediatric Level 2 Face Masks x 20 boxes of 50 UNITS: 1,000 Medical Grade Children’s Face Masks.
• 2 Cartons – FFG: Non-Medical Grade Children’s Face Masks x 24 boxes of 5 UNITS of 20 pcs per bag: 2,400 Non-Medical 3-ply Children’s Face Masks.

I’d like to note here that although we see light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, we strongly believe it is still appropriate to remain vigilant. We ask everyone to keep up the protocols of COVID 19 as directed by our health officials. CMG will be producing millions of masks over the months ahead and are thrilled to be protecting Canadians with Canadian made PPE products. The best part, however, is the giving back to our community, and we look forward to more to come.

Sean – CMO

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