About Armorgen

Armorgen was formed in Colorado USA in response to the looming Covid-19 global health & economic crisis that has tragically affected the entire world. We are a new service-based business that provides solutions to B2C, B2B, and B2G online and mobile sales of products and services that deliver solutions to the Covid-19 virus and other pathogens.

Armorgen will specifically serve the niche sector of the health industry known as “pathogen protection, mitigation, and elimination,” by providing a web and mobile platform for:

1. Sales of pathogen detections, decontamination, protections, prevention products, equipment, and services (manufacturers, distributors, and vendors create an account on a platform and effectuate sales, Armorgen earns a marginal fee);
2. Educate, train, and certify.
3. Publish research reports, white papers, market comparisons, company valuations, due diligence, and strategies for customers contemplating investments in public and private entities; and (4) Investment and acquisition of private and public entities in all verticals within the sector.

While there are several large market leaders with same area of focus, our unique model provides an essential due diligence service for consumers, businesses, and government agencies that will ensure they receive the right solutions for the right business at the right time. It is our mission to source, negotiate and provide certified and cost-effective products & services to our clients while building a global network of professionals around the world.

The goal of Armorgen is to implement “The Pathogen Certificate Rating System: A 5-Step Process”.

The Pathogen Free Zone Rating System : A 5-Step Process

  • Step 1: Detection

    Test kits for humans. Surface and Air Testing (Equipment and Air Quality) for contaminates/pathogens

  • Step 2: Decontamination

    Develop action plans, air and surfaces decontamination Elimination of all existing contaminates and pathogens Re-testing to Certify as Pathogen Free (as of that date)

  • Step 3: Protection

    Standard Operating Agreement (SOP) to Mitigate and keep pathogen free TEST TRACK and TRACE systems Equipment, supplies, monitoring, insurance Regularly testing schedules

  • Step 4: Prevention

    Alarms, monitoring, inspections, Drills management training Training, regular maintenance, Mitigation supplies

  • Step 5: Certification

    Pathogen Zone Certificate for those areas and buildings that have been decontaminated and receive regular ongoing cleaning and testing (with date of decontamination). Certified as a Continuously Maintained and Regularly Inspected Facility. Re-Certifications issued daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually (frequency adds to PF level Scoring). Add to database of Certified facilities reporting as rating systems (1 – 10)

In order to accomplish the five-step process, consumers, businesses, and government agencies will need access to the tools, resources, products, and services needed to achieve the certification.
Armorgen has already identified hundreds, which will quickly grow to thousands of vendors, manufacturers, and distributors of products and services needed by consumers, governments and businesses such as:
  • Air test manufacturers, air test service providers
  • Chemical, air flow, humidity, heat identifiers
  • Cleaning agent manufacturers
  • Cleaning agent sales
  • Decontamination equipment manufacturers
  • Decontamination initial and maintained
  • Decontamination service providers
  • Emergency preparedness programs for business and individuals
  • Emergency, first aid and safety supply companies
  • Hand sanitizer
  • HVAC manufacturers specializing in pathogen filtration and removal
  • Identification, containment, reduction, and elimination of viral spread
  • Ingress/egress procedures, hardware, and technology
  • Pathogen standards, protocols, and processes
  • Pathogen test kits
  • Immunity test kits
  • Personal hygiene procedures
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturers and suppliers
  • Preventative emergency packages
  • Prevention, information, and dissemination
  • Restroom and janitorial supplies
  • Social distancing monitoring technologies
  • Social distancing conformity standards
  • Technologies – applications, mobile apps
  • Thermal temperature detection and testing
  • Touchless hardware (payment systems, door access points, etc.)
  • UV light manufacturers and distributors
  • Vaccines shots similar to early flu shots

Armorgen has contracted with US Capital Global Advisors, (“USCGA”) to assist in the due diligence process.  USCGA has developed a system of assessing and rating 334 attributes of a client’s business for the purposes of developing a TASASS (Transaction Analysis Situation Analysis Scoring System) Report. The evaluation of each attribute results in a numerical score out of a possible 1,000 points. USCGA chooses to work with work with companies that have achieve a score of 925 or greater.

USCGA has also developed a Managed Virtual Portal™ (“MVP"); a web-based, document-sharing service of business finance document presentation and evaluation materials wherein documents are shared through USCGA with the clients’ investors, lenders, insiders and USCGA. Through MVP, USCGA retrieves and/or creates, uploads and maintains clients’ business finance documents, and regularly updates the TASASS score. This also allows USCGA to rapidly provide corporate governance and due diligence services based on the clients’ specific needs.


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