Our Purpose...

Pathogen Protection, Decontamination & Prevention

Armorgen is leading the way to a brighter and safer future by reducing the current and future effects of contagious, deadly viruses and other pandemic level pathogens that may cause catastrophic devastation to the world’s health and economies.

We consolidate information including market research reports, white papers, market comparisons, company valuations, due diligence, and strategies for federal, state, and local government to provide important education and resources to high risk and regulated environments.

Our mission is to guide and support American businesses, governments, organizations, and people in discovering ways to eradicate the possibility of viral outbreaks that can affect the health and livelihood of facilities or communities, through innovative, cost-effective and sustainable ways.

With passion and commitment, we also continue to advise capital market leaders that may be contemplating investments in public and private entities to provide sustainable solutions to viruses and other pathogens.

Pathogen Consultancy Training

We Educate, Train and Certify Consultants for the Pathogen Industry

Armorgen is an education platform used to CERTIFY consultants within the pathogen mitigation, elimination, and protection industry.
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Pathogen Related Market Research Reports

Research & Strategies for Customers Contemplating Investments in Public & Private Entities

Armorgen has a team of highly qualified technical writers and researchers that research, create, and sell research papers, white papers, market comparisons, company valuations and due diligence for individuals looking to invest in, or otherwise become involved with, public and private companies within the pathogen mitigation, elimination, and protection industry.
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Products & Services Research

Brokerage of Pathogen Related Products & Services

Armorgen provides a wide variety of products and services through carefully screened businesses and selected from hundreds of suppliers and wholesalers in the USA and global. All services will soon be available online via our mobile platform which is currently in development. This portal will be account protected and can be accessed by manufacturers, distributors, and vendors create an account to help them create orders simply and effectuate overall sales.
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The Pathogen Free Zone Rating System : A 5-Step Process

  • Step 1: Detection

    Test kits for humans. Surface and Air Testing (Equipment and Air Quality) for contaminates/pathogens

  • Step 2: Decontamination

    Develop action plans, air and surfaces decontamination Elimination of all existing contaminates and pathogens Re-testing to Certify as Pathogen Free (as of that date)

  • Step 3: Protection

    Standard Operating Agreement (SOP) to Mitigate and keep pathogen free TEST TRACK and TRACE systems Equipment, supplies, monitoring, insurance Regularly testing schedules

  • Step 4: Prevention

    Alarms, monitoring, inspections, Drills management training Training, regular maintenance, Mitigation supplies

  • Step 5: Certification

    Pathogen Zone Certificate for those areas and buildings that have been decontaminated and receive regular ongoing cleaning and testing (with date of decontamination). Certified as a Continuously Maintained and Regularly Inspected Facility. Re-Certifications issued daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually (frequency adds to PF level Scoring). Add to database of Certified facilities reporting as rating systems (1 – 10)

In order to accomplish the five-step process, consumers, businesses, and government agencies will need access to the tools, resources, products, and services needed to achieve the certification.
Armorgen has already identified hundreds, which will quickly grow to thousands of vendors, manufacturers, and distributors of products and services needed by consumers, governments and businesses such as:
  • Air test manufacturers, air test service providers
  • Chemical, air flow, humidity, heat identifiers
  • Cleaning agent manufacturers
  • Cleaning agent sales
  • Decontamination equipment manufacturers
  • Decontamination initial and maintained
  • Decontamination service providers
  • Emergency preparedness programs for business and individuals
  • Emergency, first aid and safety supply companies
  • Hand sanitizer
  • HVAC manufacturers specializing in pathogen filtration and removal
  • Identification, containment, reduction, and elimination of viral spread
  • Ingress/egress procedures, hardware, and technology
  • Pathogen standards, protocols, and processes
  • Pathogen test kits
  • Immunity test kits
  • Personal hygiene procedures
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturers and suppliers
  • Preventative emergency packages
  • Prevention, information, and dissemination
  • Restroom and janitorial supplies
  • Social distancing monitoring technologies
  • Social distancing conformity standards
  • Technologies – applications, mobile apps
  • Thermal temperature detection and testing
  • Touchless hardware (payment systems, door access points, etc.)
  • UV light manufacturers and distributors
  • Vaccines shots similar to early flu shots

Partnerships with

Total Resources International, Walnut, California

Total Resources International (TRI) has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of First Aid Kits and Emergency Preparedness Essentials in the nation selling to Costco, Walmart, Sam’s club, Target and other major big-box retailers

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Crown Mutual Group, Vancouver, BC CANADA

Crown Mutual Group wants to be the barrier against the virus, and we have mandated ourselves to sell the highest quality surgical masks in North America. We intend to earn consumers’ and healthcare professionals’ trust by offering a compliant product certified by international standards. Please visit our website for more information on our products.

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American Safety Group, San Diego, California

Disabled veteran owned and operated - combating the Covid-19 virus with level 1-3 decontamination & sanitation services; Leaders in construction, safety and environmental services. ASG provides critical services needed for the protection of our nation interest.

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Good2Go, San Francisco, California

Established mobile application that is an existing business in San Francisco California that provides a high-tech access control software managed by personal smart phones. The app may be applied to sourcing clean restrooms, access to buildings, parking lots, and may offer additional services as such as social distancing measures and other applications solutions

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SMD Sanitizer Solutions, San Diego, California

This hand sanitizer manufacturer and distributor is selling by the truckload to mass market big-box retailers and other distribution channels.

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CHAI, Santa Clara, California

Chai helps people harness the power of biotechnology. Chai's open qPCR thermocycler for COVID-19 and Corona Virus testing is fast, accurate, and designed for researchers, scientists, and beyond.

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